How to unblock a drain using a jet rodder


Stormwater Drain Jetting
Root Bundle removed from drain during jetting.

Where can I use Jet Rodding?

Jet Rodding is a versatile cleaning method that can be used on a variety of different pipe types, from residential home drainage through to sewer and stormwater drains. However, depending on the age and condition of the pipe it, for example, if it’s old and fragile the high pressure and speed of the water can cause cracking and damage to the pipes. Before you attempt any type of high-pressure cleaning or pipe unblocking, talk to a qualified plumber to ensure that doing it won’t damage your pipes.

Drain jetting also known as jet rodding is the process of using a high-pressure stream of water, combines with a specialised nozzle called a jet rodder to clean hard to reach and tight spaces such as the inside of pipes or sewer lines. This method is used to clear blockages in the lines as well as scour away off built-up debris or grease. 

To clean the pipes and blockages, streams of highly pressurised water are blown into the pipe using the jet rodder attachment mounted on a long high-pressure hose. There are a variety of different heads and nozzles that can be used for jet rodding including specialty ones that rotate and have a specific spray pattern to ensure that the entirety of the pipe, but every head will have both front and side facing jets. Once the jet rodder is in the pipe the front jets clear the blockages in the pipes while the side jets propel the hose along the pipe. 

During the cleaning process, the debris that is cleared from the pipe is pushed forward to the nearest manhole in the where it can be removed. This debris can consist of a multitude of things such as overgrown tree roots, hair, food waste, grease and oil waste, small objects that have been flushed down the drains, and toilet paper build-up.

What is Drain Jetting?

Not all blockages are easy to reach or break up using traditional drain cleaning methods such as drain cleaner and drain snakes. For example, clogs that are formed from greases and fats can’t be cleaned using snakes as the clogs simply reform once the snake is removed. This has caused a new type of drain cleaning and unblocking to become popular, drain jetting.

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